A Satisfying Explanation of Gen Y Unhappiness

I recently stumbled upon this gem of an article while scrolling Facebook. It’s from WaitButWhy.com and it goes into great detail describing what the author refers to as “Gen Y Protagonists & Special Yuppies” or GYPSY’s for short. The article gives you a high level overview of why a fictional GYPSY named Lucy is unhappy.

Lucy is unhappy, basically, because of improperly managed expectations. As with so many things in this world LIFE itself requires properly managed expectations in order to be perceived as a “happy” thing. The author offers this graphic in reference to Lucy’s unrealistic career expectations:

looking up

I agree very much with what the article states. Many in my generation seem to lack the ability to keep themselves centered around reality. Many have been ushered through their early life while receiving gold stars and trophies for losing. The mantra of “you can be anything you want” while partially true is often understood as “you are owed anything you want.”

Previous generations were required to work much much harder to achieve goals and overall success. Being an exceptional person was actually that…being exceptional. In this day and age children are raised to believe that not only are they exceptional simply because they are alive but that they should expect exceptional things to happen because they deserve it. They deserve a big house, expensive car, lavish vacations, and a gift wrapped super-career with relatively little effort applied.

As seen in the article this leaves many staring up at a rainbow barfing unicorn, while being unhappy with their position in life, and frustrated with those around them who have done better simply because GYPSY’s have been raised to think that everyone gets the gold star in the end.

The author ends with these three bits of advice:

  • Stay wildly ambitious
  • Stop thinking that you’re special
  • Ignore everyone else

Society in general could use some advice. Stop giving every kid a gold star just for showing up. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. People keep score during sporting events. You will probably fail more often than you succeed. Greater success often comes from painful failures. No one owes you anything.

Source: WaitButWhy.com

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